She is a mysterious model and a muse. Stonemen chats to the woman who simply goes by Max to find out what makes her tick – and how she got into our undies…

How do you spend your days? 
“I am a morning person so I always wake up early. I’ll feed myself first (of course) and try to squeeze a bit of yoga in before I leave the house for work. My days are long and demanding so by the time I get home I’m knackered. I save my energy for the weekend when I’ll spend time at the beach, hiking in the mountains, or talking loudly in a bar with old friends.”

What gives, what inspires?
“Although this is cliche, my parents give me inspiration. They are my lighthouse and have always shown me guidance. I am also inspired by the tiny things in life that defy reasoning and logic, and how effective hope and optimism can be when things seem non salvageable.”

Hot career moment and why?
“Working with stonemen was a really cool stepping stone for me. Even though modeling is something I enjoy on the side, I really connected with the brand and felt very passionate about being on this plane when it took off. I know that endorsing and being a part of something fantastic is rare, and I like to think it has set me apart from the struggling model I was before stonemen.”

How did we get so lucky to collaborate with you? 
“I met the people who launched, and who now drive the company. Brilliant minds with provocative wit to match. It is the people that matter the most, and if there’s a wicked product or concept thrown in the mix, it is far too difficult to deny.”

What do you enjoy most about well… us?
“I really adore how playful the brand is. It has multiple personalities and really sends the message that it’s important to be comfortable. Comfortable in your undies and clothes, but also comfortable in your skin and in your life no matter what you do. Also, it is great fun working with the brains behind the brand, an unforgettable experience every time.”

Where to from here?
“I’m going to travel and spend the next 5-10 years gaining and giving experience wherever I go. After that, settle down with my partner and maybe think about kids. Naturally, I’ll continue my romance with stonemen.. I like to keep my passport worn and tattered, but my undies fresh as ever.”
Max wears the Horses and New York prints in a women’s brief cut.

Brief Horses

Brief New York

Bralette Horses